24 Voices for 2024

Legal Tech Trends in AI & Automation

The pace of the modern world keeps accelerating. And it’s no secret that legal departments and law firms are facing new pressures to increase efficiency and deliver value. Today’s teams are looking for ways to meet their goals and reduce burnout.

Technology has helped enable legal teams to improve productivity while making work more enjoyable. AI represents another leap forward in tech advancements, reshaping nearly every aspect of the industry — from law school programs, to how services are provided, to the law firm business model itself. Legal teams and law firms that embrace this change and determine how to harness this transformative technology will be best positioned to thrive in the years ahead.

This report features 24 Voices from across the industry supporting three primary areas of discussion about AI:

  • The rise of AI in legal
  • Putting AI into practice, and
  • • AI’s impact on professionals

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