How Growing Companies Can Benefit from Contract Lifecycle Management

Growing businesses have limited resources and aggressive targets. As they expand, their agreement needs get more complex and small contracting teams are often pushed to do more with the same resources. At a certain point, the contracts get too numerous or too complex for a makeshift combination of spreadsheets, emails and shared storage to manage. These teams need a solution built especially for them.To research the way growing businesses (5-500 employees) manage their contracting workflows, DocuSign conducted a quantitative study, exploring the technology, people and processes they use to manage agreements.This eBook answers all the questions growing companies have about their first CLM tool, including:
• What does CLM technology do?
• Which data points indicate that it’s time to consider a CLM solution?
• How does a team know it’s ready for a CLM tool?
• What are the most important features to look for in a team’s first CLM?

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