Oracle Cloud HCM. Work Made Human 

Many organizations are leveraging the cloud and transformative technologies. HR
leaders supporting their company’s digital transformation can expect to realize
benefits that include higher productivity, greater employee satisfaction, and
improved retention in the following ways:
• Creating human experiences in the workplace, especially as organizations use
more and more digital technology to solve traditional problems
• Aligning people and business strategy to accommodate the ever-accelerating
pace of change
• Cultivating a culture of innovation where employees can focus on business
transformation without having to deal with technology transformation
Innovative workplace systems and transformative technologies support
constantly changing business demands, while complementing and improving
worker performance. This is particularly true when embedded within solutions
that employees use daily for collaborating with peers to achieve common goals,
such as:
• Providing a human interface throughout to deliver a familiar experience
to employees
• Simplifying routine processes and transactions and leveraging ML and AI
to guide users through HR systems
• Delivering end-to-end modern functionality covering all facets of the
employee lifecycle
• Aligning people strategy with continuously evolving business and
market requirements
• Meeting regulatory compliance and data privacy and security needs

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